Be.In Product Bags
Be.In Product Bags
Be.In Product Bags
Be.In.Produce Bags are hand made in Perth Country. Our reusable produce bags are made with GOTs certified organic cotton.

GOTs certifies the entire supply chain from processing, manufacturing, packaging labelling, trading and distribution is environmentally and socially responsible.

These bags are cut and sewn by 2 women from St. Marys. Ingrid who is a seamstress from the Netherlands and Belinda who is a native of St. Marys. Our bags are not just for grocery shopping but these bags have multiple uses; cooking, storing, packing lunches are just a few of their uses. Sets come with 4 bags: 3 medium, 1 large.

Cleaning Instructions: wash with mild soap in cold water by hand. Wring out excess water, and hang to dry.

Zenfire Pottery St Marys

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