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Beginner Wheel Class

6 Weeks  |  (6 Person Limit / class)

Instructor: Angela Patterson

Monday January 17, 2022  1-4pm or 6-9pm

Instructor: Amanda Hickey

Wednesday January 19, 2022   1-4pm or 6-9pm


You will learn the art of “throwing” on the wheel, starting with a basic cylinder.  That cylinder can then be altered into many different shapes. We will also cover how to make small bowls.  You will learn to trim your pieces and finish them with beautiful glazes. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.  By the end you will have a minimum of 10-15 pieces to take home.

Beginner Hand Building Class

6 Weeks  |  $297 +tax (6 Person Limit)

Instructor: Laila Brandt

Thursday Jan 20, 2022   2-4:30pm or 6-8:30pm

Explore the possibilities beyond the wheel.  Learn how to hand build from slabs of clay. How to manipulate, mold and shape the clay into mugs, bowls, plates or other forms.   You will be able to easily add texture and design to your pieces. If you have a found item that would make a great texture, bring it along to try!  You will decorate and finish them with beautiful glazes. No experience necessary, all levels welcome. By the end you will have a minimum of 10-15 pieces to take home.

Kids Class

4 Weeks  |  $197 +tax (6 Person Limit)

Instructor: Mary Cameron

Next round of classes for Kids will be in March 2022.

No experience required: this introductory pottery class is for ages 8-13.  Students will learn how to turn their ‘play in clay’ into sculptural and functional objects. 

Week 1: Embracing nature & the fall season, students will learn how to create a tea light jack o’lantern sculpture and a hanging plant holder. This class will introduce them to the tips, tricks and terminology of clay. 

Week 2: Learning the basics of how to throw on the pottery wheel is focus of this class.  It is harder than it looks, but super fun and addictive!  The creation outcome of this class is unknown, but the wheel promises to be the messiest and most fun of all the pottery adventures!

Week 3: Mugs & spoons, the students will learn two new techniques: slab building and coil creating. Students will learn how to add texture to clay and have to option to embellish their creations-limited only by their imagination!

Week 4: The last week is all about adding that final shine to each piece that the student has created. This is the day that students glaze their work and learn about the do’s and don’ts of glazing and the kiln. 

All student pottery will be ready for pickup after the classes have been completed, as each piece will need a final glaze fire after the last class. 

“This class was so much fun!! It blew my expectations out of the water. Definitely want to attend another in the future. Would recommend anyone try!!”

“The handbuilding course far exceeded my expectations! We created far more than a basic pinch pot and were inspired by a wide variety of projects. Best of all… it was so much fun!”

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