Hi, my name is Amie and I run Stitch the Dot. I’m a married mom to 2 kids, one is 2 and the other is almost 8 months. We also have 2 cats. I’ve been sewing my entire life but really decided to turn it into a business 3 years ago. Before that I made jewellery for 18 years. I have a background in accounting with courses in interior decorating. I love to buy fun fabrics from popular designers. My products really took off with my introduction of reusable straw sets a year ago. My focus today is mostly eco friendly items like my straw sets and snack bags but I love to make wallets, bags and oil pouches. My goal down the road is to grow my business to include my patterns sold to other makers and create a fabulous purse line. I absolutely love being creative and hearing how much my customers enjoy their purchases. I’m excited for the future of my small business and can’t wait to see where it leases me.