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Walk into Zenfire Pottery Studio and instantly be welcomed by the creative energy of the space. Allow your soul to ignite with inspiration. At Zenfire you can either create your own clay masterpieces or purchase unique works from a curated collection.


Do you have a mug moment story?

Maybe a favourite you made when you were a kid or one given to you by your best friend?

My passion for pottery started with a mug.  Back in 2010 when I first laid eyes on a beautiful black glaze I had never seen before. Prior to this, I did not enjoy anything about pottery – the colours I saw, the feeling of the rough clay.  Until I saw this mug and then began the hunt.

I believe that opportunities come to us to see and experience the world differently. We can choose to act on it or to continue as we always have. When I saw that mug, a spark was ignited. I wanted to see what I could do, how I might be able to create. I was so excited about the idea of learning pottery when my mom came across a skilled potter, she took a chance.  She gifted me my first few lessons to see where it would lead.

Following these lessons, I was fortunate to join the London Clay Art Center and was able to learn from skilled potters and experience the possibilities of clay.  Today, I am creating my own pieces, each with their own purpose and message.

After working in my farmhouse basement (mostly cold) home studio, I am thrilled to be in a space of my own (above ground)!   Space where I can share my passion and teach others the process and joys of clay.

I invite you to this warm, welcoming space to start your clay journey and create your own mug moment story.   


What people are saying about us…

Tamelynda Lux

Angela is a fantastic instructor, calm, patient and passionate about her craft.  Even with a group of 20, I felt her individual support. Looking forward to a class... soon!

Janice Weirsma

We had an awesome time with Angela Patterson! Highly recommend this workshop. It was so much fun molding a tray and throwing some clay on the wheel to make a bowl.

Karen Johnson

 Angela was amazing at doing a custom order for my staff Christmas gifts. The various pieces were unique and meaningful! Her customer service and quality of work is +++++++++++. I’ve since purchased a few different pieces from her—and I love using them!

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