I originally created these sticks as a result of wanting to have something ‘clean’ and resonant to burn in my space, something I felt safe burning around children and pets.  I am an avid incense burner, and had never really thought about what goes into commercially purchased incense sticks….until one day I did! Then I got worried! What was I burning? What was in it? Yikes!

Meditation and peaceful living play an incredibly important role in my life, so when I created the sticks the idea was to marry together the cleansing and spiritual aspects of smudging with some of the aromatic qualities of an incense, Therefore the result is different in many ways than burning other sticks. Not perfume-y or at all overwhelming. The scent is just wonderful…softly smoky like a campfire, with delightful resins, woods, plants and herbs incorporated in a very intentional manner. In my mind, the process is just as important as the end result!

For the smudging aspect, there is usually some white sage, cedar, sweet grass, mullein or hyssop contained in them, to dispel negativity and cleanse the space, and pull in love and positivity. 

They are all-natural…no chemicals, toxins or fragrances. There is a bit of essential oil contained in a few of them. I wanted them to be as ‘clean’ and natural as they could be. Any time an essential oil is used, it is to magnify the natural scents of the other ingredients or to raise the vibration of the blend.