Alexis Wild
Alexis Wild
Alexis Wild

Alexis Christine Wild is an mixed media artist specializing in intuitive abstract painting and fiber arts since 2014. She currently creates and teaches workshops out of her home studio in London, Ontario, and is known for inspiring and including others in the creative journey. Alexis has a passion for including texture in her work with unique methods and materials. When not creating art, she can often be found in the garden… with dirt on her hands instead of paint!.

Alexis is educated in social service work and art therapy as a methodology. Before diving into the world of art, Alexis became an entrepreneur in 2010 and successfully sold her event planning business three years later. She is a multifaceted individual and thrives on following any crumbs of curiosity that come her way. This curiosity has led her to be trained as a certified laughter yoga leader, Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, holistic massage practitioner, and reiki I practitioner.

It is such a joy to create and get messy, and when people are inspired by my work… that’s the icing on the cake! I delight in creating work that makes people smile and also encourages all of us to be true to ourselves and to keep growing and learning. When working on a piece, I go with the flow, and select whichever colours and words call to me, often ending up in a different place than I thought I would! Each art piece has a message of their own, and I am the medium.

I take immense joy in showing others that they too can do and create whatever they want with life. If I can make a living by being myself and showing that in my artwork, than you certainly can as well! As a mom of three, I encourage free play and a bit of wild and wonderful each day… and not just for my kids! Raising children has helped me to regain access to my own inner child, and it’s she who is with me when I am throwing paint on a canvas (sometimes literally!). My best paintbrushes are my own hands, and I also use many unique materials to create structure – dryer lint, plaster, string… so many options!

Alexis Wild

Alexis Christine Wild

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